GPAT 2018 preparation tips and tricks

By | July 6, 2017

GPAT 2018 preparation tips and tricks

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test, an important entrance exam for the students who want to pursue their post graduation in pharmacy related subjects in the top colleges. It is not easy for anyone to come out of the exams with flying colors, unless or until he is a genius or knows all subjects by heart.

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  1. The candidate is supposed to be clear with the basic concepts from B. Pharm, before going through new lessons.
  2. Study all the topics in the syllabus and also give some time to study and revise the important topics marked.
  3. Schedule a timetable and maintain them carefully and avoid distractions days before examinations.
  4. Remember the name of chemicals, drugs etc as even a small change may lead to a big mistake and may lose marks.
  5. Do not forget to stay fit and eat and sleep properly as maintaining proper health it very important to concentrate during exams without forgetting the answers.
  6. Practice sketching molecular structures and other important question in the form of diagrams and tabular columns for easy remembrance
  7. Group studies- another best way to study since the question paper is going to be multiple questions, this kind of study may help you to quiz each other and study.
  8. Avoid negative marking type of questions. Choose to avoid than to get marked negatively.

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