GPAT 2017 reference books and best books for preparation

By | October 18, 2016

For the study of GPAT 2017 reference books students will need a lot of preparation. For the preparing of the syllabus  there a lot of GPAT 2017 books which can be used for reference. We have enlisted some of the books below for your assistance.

GPAT 2017 reference books

GPAT reference books, GPAT 2016 reference books, GPAT reference books, GPAT reference best books for preparation, GPAT reference books for preparation, GPAT books for preparation, best books for preparation GPATA lot GPAT 2017 best books and reference material is available online as well in printed format. Some of the best books are also available as GPAT 2017 best books for preparation pdf download

  • We will recommend for Pharmaceutics, Liebermann and Lachman’s The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy.
  • For Physical Pharmacy we suggest you check material by Martin.
  • Unit Operation can be prepared by referring to Pharmaceutical engineering by Subramanyam.
  • Pharmacology books by  K.D Tripathi, Rang and Dale, Katzung and Trevor give you multiple choice.
  • Read about Chemical Analysis by Vogel and about  Spectroscopy and Titration from Chatwa.
  • For preparation of Chromatography read material from Remington.
  • We recommend Pharmacognosy by Kokate, Trease and Evans. For Medicinal Chemistry refer to Harkishan Singh & V K Kapoor.
  • Organic chemistry by  Morrison and Boyd and Biochemistry by Satyanarayan are best reads in their respective categories.
  • Pavia’s introduction to spectroscopy is also good.

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