Tips to crack GPAT 2018

By | July 6, 2017

Tips to crack GPAT 2018

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  1. During exam preparation, make sure that you read pharmacology and medicinal chemistry simultaneously. This will help you to understand the subject well, without confusing you with the names of drugs and their chemical composition.
  2. Prepare your own charts and flow diagrams and when you study and make sure that you go through them every day. These flow charts even for easy questions will help you understand the concept.
  3. Go through previous year’s question papers and find which forms of questions have been asked frequently and read them. Prepare those lessons with extra care.
  4. Depending on previous years paper is not always wise. Question and quiz yourself and solve more questions each day to save time during the examination.
  5. Make sure that you have some time for revision before exams. Even the easiest subject’s needs revision before the exam to avoid confusion and doubts as a wrong guess leads to negative marking.

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